Nonprofit Development Intern at Good360

Fields: philanthropy, poverty, disaster recovery, fundraising, sustainability | Location: Alexandria, Virginia | Deadline: October 29, 2018

Part Time

Development/Administrative Assistant at Disaster Recovery International Foundation

Fields: disaster recovery, international development, fundraising, sustainability | Location: NYC | Deadline: Until filled

Full Time

Communicable Disease Investigator, Public Health Services at Health and Human Services Agency, San Diego County

Fields: public health, human services, HIV, healthcare, government | Location: San Diego, California | Deadline: June 17, 2018 | Click title to read more...

Full Time

Community Development Specialist, Latin America at Water Mission

Fields: interfaith, international development, global health, disaster recovery, Latin America | Location: Charleston, South Carolina | Deadline: ASAP | Click title to read more...


Fall internships in many fields at Doctors without Borders

Fields: global health, international development, HIV, infrastructure, communications | Location: NYC, New York | Deadline: August 4, 2018 | Click title to read more...