On this website you will find job listings for recent grads who are looking to make the jump from unpaid internships to paid job positions in social justice-relevant work. These include both full-time ENTRY-LEVEL jobs or PAID internships. It doesn’t have to be non-profit, but basically any career trying to do some type of social good.

If, in your alumni/student newsletters and listserves, you come across entry-level jobs that are not quite right for you, but would be perfect for someone else, (or, if you are an employer seeking to hire some young, ambitious folks!) please send it our way through the Submit page, to help someone else find their dream first job.

Please consider donating on Patreon to help us improve our site and continue to share entry-level job listings that benefit the social good.

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Entry-Level Jobs for Social Impact has been an invaluable resource in my job search. The $15 a month Benefactor program gave me incredible access to detailed, customized job listings in Portland, Maine. Shannon worked with me to learn exactly the type of position I was interested in. She helped me reshape my resume. I had been searching alone for four months and could not get past the second round of interviews.

The $15 a month Benefactor program gave me incredible access to detailed, customized job listings.

After only a month with their benefactor program, I applied, interviewed and just accepted a full-time paid position at a non-profit focused on domestic violence! It was worth every penny for that extra help landing my dream job! Thank you Shannon, Lydia, and Leonor!

–Rosie, July 13

An invaluable resource!

This is an awesome resource! I’m a recent grad and I’ve been using this site in my job search and sharing it with all my friends.

-Shanti, June 1

This is an awesome resource!

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