If you have an ENTRY LEVEL job position or PAID internship that you would like to share, please fill out the form below.

We only accept jobs and internships/fellowships that are:

  1. somehow relate to the social good, even if they are in the private sector.
  2. Only require up to 1 year of experience or so (and considers reasonable experience in student jobs, internships, leading university clubs, etc for this). We post jobs open to hiring workers who just graduated college, or are still in school
  3. pay a LIVING WAGE, if full-time. All internships must pay at least federal minimum wage. Check the living wage for your given location at
  4. If you are an employer recruiting: jobs must include salary ranges (at least a baseline/minimum). We strongly believe that doing so encourages a professional relationship based on transparency, equitable and fair compensation, and is an important step towards social justice (read more on this here). If this is a job you just found and want to pass along, submit anyway and we may reach out to ask them.

Thanks for submitting!