Full Time

Western Pennsylvania Digital Organizer at Pittsburgh United

Fields: progressive, politics, campaigns, poverty, racial justice

Location: Flexible, Pennsylvania

About the Organization: Pittsburgh United strives to advance social and economic justice in the Pittsburgh region ensuring that working families and low and moderate-income communities share in the prosperity generated by economic growth and development. We promote strategies that will build healthy and sustainable communities, raise standards for low wage workers, and forge a fair economy for all. We use innovative community organizing, research, advocacy and communications methods to win progressive policy and organizing campaigns.

About the Position: Pittsburgh United seeks to hire a full time digital organizer to build long-term power in key regions of Western Pennsylvania that will determine the political and economic future for working class people across the state. The digital organizer will be part of a team of field organizers that will work together to build multiracial, intergenerational community groups in multiple counties to fight for living wage jobs, racial justice, and working class power. The digital organizer will be responsible for reaching and growing a network of activists that are responsive and engaged with a variety of campaigns, with a particular focus on moving supporters from online to offline engagement. The work schedule includes some evening and weekend meetings and events, as necessary. Candidates requiring strictly a 9 to 5 schedule will not be a good fit for this position.

Special Requirements/Qualifications: We are seeking individuals who are passionate, versatile, and enthusiastic with experience using online tools to tell the story of a campaign, identify new supporters, and organize people online to take action both online and offline.

  • Previous experience of a minimum of one fully executed digital organizing campaign.
  • Experience with Google Analytics, WordPress, BlueStateDigital, NGP VAN / EveryAction, Relay, and/or other advocacy platforms
  • Proficiency in the strategic use of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, as well as social media management systems (i.e. Hootsuite)
  • Exceptional oral, written, and graphic communication skills
  • Commitment to understand race, class, gender, and other equity issues as part of your work as well as the impact these structural issues have on our collective work environment
  • Belief in and commitment to progressive social, racial, and economic justice

Estimated Salary: $40,000 – $55,000, plus benefits.

Deadline: January 7, 2019

Apply Here:
Pittsburgh United


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