Full Time

Community Organizers – Racial Justice & Healthcare for All at Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement

Fields: social justice, outreach, politics, racial justice, healthcare

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

About the Organization: Iowa CCI is a forward-thinking, agenda-setting, speak-truth-to-power community organizing group that knows how to mobilize lots of everyday people to stand up for what’s right and put pressure where it needs to be put to win policies that put people first. For more than 40 years, our mission has been simple: organize everyday people to be a powerful force for justice. Our current organizing campaigns include: Clean Water Fight/Stop Factory Farms, Immigrant Rights/Justice, Racial Justice/Stop Racial Profiling, Healthcare for All, Clean Energy Future, and electoral work (movement politics) to change “business as usual” politics. Our 4,500 dues-paying members across the state believe you don’t have to stand by and just let things happen, which is probably why we’re growing so much. We believe in getting things done to put people before profits and communities before corporations. We view this troublesome time as a clear call to action and an opportunity to build political power to shape the Iowa we want and need to see.

About the Position: Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement is looking to hire two Community Organizers to join our dedicated, fired-up staff team. Their primary focus will be to develop and execute grassroots organizing campaigns that build people-power, shift narrative, and directly confront corporate power to win concrete change that makes our communities more just and democratic – and makes life better for a lot more people.

  • Racial Justice: One organizer will work on our Racial Justice team. Historical and systemic injustices confront people of color (native born and immigrants) from racial profiling by police to discrimination in housing and employment and more. CCI members are leading local campaigns to expose systemic racism and craft solutions to create more welcoming and inclusive communities.
  • Healthcare for All: One organizer will work on our Healthcare for All team. Insured, un-insured or under-insured, CCI has learned that everyone has a healthcare story and immediately understands the need to get profits out of our healthcare system. This emerging campaign has the potential to flip what’s politically possible in this state and the 2020 elections.

The Community Organizer position is responsible for working with their direct supervisor and organizing team to develop and implement effective organizing strategies and tactics to build base, shift worldview, and win. Both organizer positions are based out of our statewide headquarters in Des Moines.

Special Requirements/Qualifications: We’re looking for someone who’s eager to help execute an ambitious plan to exponentially expand our people-power – and win justice. We’re looking for someone who’s ready to build relationships with lots and lots of grassroots people and develop them to be leaders in their community. If that sounds like you, apply for this job! The ideal candidate is a good listener, an avid learner, driven, eternally optimistic, and flexible. They should be comfortable juggling multiple tasks, and thrive in a fast-paced team environment. Most of all, they should have a strong desire to help shape the way people view the world, get people to act and help CCI grow. A sense of humor is a must!

Estimated Salary: Beginning at $32,200 (for someone with little or no experience) + benefits

Deadline: December 14, 2018

Apply Here:
Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement


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