Full Time

User Research Coordinator, Office of Design & Delivery at City of Austin, Texas

Fields: government, community development, social services, urban planning, research

Location: Austin, Texas

About the Organization: The first principle of our Office of Design & Delivery is to Put Residents First, which means connecting with our community about their needs and expectations, and testing and refining solutions with residents. Our teams are working to improve a wide range of city services, including researching and redesigning our permitting processes, prototyping ways to change behaviors around recycling and composting, designing the future of austin.gov, and creating city-wide standards for service design, web development, and user research.

About the Position:

  • Manage day-to-day communication and logistics for recruiting and scheduling interviews
  • Assist in facilitating field research with residents, collecting notes, photos, and video during sessions
  • Organize and share notes and feedback after each round of research using online collaboration tools
  • Develop relationships with community leaders to build trust between our teams and the people we serve
  • Document repeatable practices for user research that we can share across projects, departments, and other cities

This role is fundamental for delivering on this vision as we grow. The ideal candidate is able to manage communication and logistics for recruiting and scheduling interviews, collecting notes, photos, and video during sessions, organizing and sharing resources after each round of research, and developing documentation for repeatable practices that we can share across projects, departments, and other cities.

Special Requirements/Qualifications:

  • 1 year of professional experience coordinating projects or logistics related to local government, design, technology, or community engagement
  • Interest in learning how to conduct inclusive and ethical user research in order to understand the needs, behaviors, and expectations of our residents
  • Excellent verbal, written, presentation, and interpersonal communications skills
  • Ability to deliver upon commitments with reliability and clear communication
  • Ability to quickly become familiar with emerging technologies
  • A passion for public service and a commitment to doing the hard work that’s necessary to improve our city services
  • Fluency in Spanish or other languages is a huge plus

Note that existing experience with field research is not required. We’re looking for someone with the right mix of skills around communication, logistics, and documentation who can support our teams as we grow, which makes this a great opportunity for anyone interested in starting a career in service design or user research.

Estimated Salary: $41,600-$54,080, commensurate with experience

Deadline: Until filled

Apply Here:
City of Austin, Texas


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