Full Time

Economic Equity Network Builder at IMPACT Silver Spring

Fields: cooperatives, social enterprise, racial justice, poverty, immigrants

Location: Silver Spring, Maryland

About the Organization: IMPACT’s goal is to foster the development of alternative economic models such as worker-owned cooperatives, housing cooperatives, community-owned financial lending enterprises, and community land trusts – that will enable low-income immigrants and people of color to build wealth and own assets.

About the Position: The primary work of the Economic Equity Network Builder is to support IMPACT’s efforts to ignite, shape, and support the development of an economic eco-system in Montgomery County grounded in racial equity and democratic values and principles. The role includes…

  • Utilize IMPACT’s network-building methodology and SPACES framework creatively, collaboratively, and effectively to knit together a vibrant local economy eco-system comprised of diverse people from neighborhoods, organizations, and institutions.
  • Listen deeply to and support grassroots residents in identifying their strengths and gifts, and expressing their entrepreneurial aspirations.
  • Build relationships and strategic alliances with people from institutions, organizations and the community at-large, and facilitate meaningful connections across silos and divides.
  • Learn from experience, deciding strategically on the next step after reflecting on previous step. Recognize when something does not work, and move on.
  • Work effectively with team members and the broader IMPACT network in an open and respectful manner. It is essential that employees exchange information in a timely manner, document and follow through where necessary with team and network members, and those outside of the network in order to advance our goals.

Special Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Fluent in conversational and written Spanish and English.
  • Understand why an economic system grounded in the principles of solidarity, liberation, and cooperation is important to IMPACT’s racial equity vision and theory of change.
  • Understand core constructs such as historical and structural racism, racial equity and justice, local economic development, and community wealth-building.
  • Value and actively pursue knowing people with different perspectives and from different backgrounds.

Estimated Salary: $45,000 – $55,000

Deadline: Until filled

Apply Here:
City of Austin, Texas


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