Full Time

Investigative Caseworker, Unrepresented Project at California Appellate Project

Fields: law, correctional system, poverty, mental health, criminal justice

Location: San Francisco, California

About the Organization: CAP-SF assists private counsel appointed by the California Supreme Court to represent indigent defendants in capital cases challenging their convictions and sentences on direct appeal and through habeas corpus proceedings, and provides them with professional training and litigation resource materials. In addition, CAP-SF assists unrepresented death row inmates by collecting and preserving evidence for their post-conviction claims, and by providing advocacy as needed during the period of incarceration before counsel is appointed. CAP-SF also consults, at the request of the judiciary, on policy matters regarding indigent defense representation in capital cases.

About the Position: This position will provide vigorous and thorough litigation support work on behalf of indigent defendants. This includes conducting interdisciplinary research (court searches, records requests, historical and cultural research), gathering records and collecting documents, attending and participating in training and seminars, and supervising students and volunteers.

Special Requirements/Qualifications:

  • College Degree.
  • Demonstrable interest in social justice; Ability to effectively work with individuals whose lives are impacted by poverty, historical oppression, incarceration, mental illness, and other difficult circumstances.
  • Fluent in Spanish.
  • Knowledge of, or ability to learn, advanced legal concepts, terminology, principles and practices, and legal research techniques; Knowledge of, or ability to learn, procedures for obtaining records (including but not limited to court records, medical records, social security records, school records, military records) and other documents used in litigation.
  • Ability to take initiative in identifying and pursuing investigative leads; Ability to handle confidential matters with discretion and sound judgment.
  • Ability to learn computer programs including Aderant Total Office,® and CaseMap.®
  • Valid California Driver’s License; Ability to obtain clearance to visit a prison.
  • Estimated Salary: $48,000 – $58,000 + generous medical, dental and vision benefits

    Deadline: ASAP; We expect to begin interviewing in the second half of August

    Apply Here:
    California Appellate Project


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