Full Time

Fiscal Policy Analyst at State of Georgia

Fields: government, political science, urban planning, social services, education

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

About the Organization: The Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) exists to serve the Governor and the state in five primary ways:

  1. Work with the Governor each year to develop a budget recommendation for the upcoming and amended fiscal years that is based on agency requests and that will be presented to the General Assembly
  2. Provide research and analysis to the Governor’s Office and other state agencies related to budgetary items as well as to produce an efficient and effective state government
  3. Review the agencies’ annual operating budgets to ensure that spending plans comply with the approved appropriations act, sound fiscal stewardship, and the Governor’s goals
  4. Develop the state’s strategic plan, outlining the Governor’s vision for the state and how agencies can best support that vision
  5. Supply official demographic and statistical data about the state of Georgia

About the Position: OPB Fiscal Policy Analyst assists in the development and monitoring of agency budgets and policies for executive and legislative review. OPB analyst analyze laws proposed by the General Assembly and respond to inquiries from general public, legislators, and state agencies. Analyst monitor expenditures as compared to budget and appropriations, and perform detailed and complex revenue and expenditure projections.

OPB continually recruits for positions in the following divisions:

  • EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT DIVISION (ED): Performs budget and policy analysis related to education initiatives, ranging from Pre-K programs to higher education.
  • HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES DIVISION (HHS): Performs budget and policy analysis related to health care purchasing, state health planning, welfare, veterans’ services, workers’ compensation, and other human and social services.
  • PHYSICAL AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DIVISION (PED): Performs budget and policy analysis and planning related to economic development, infrastructure, workforce development, and natural resources.
  • PUBLIC SAFETY DIVISION (PS): Performs budget and policy analysis related to the safety of citizens and property.

Special Requirements/Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in business or related degree AND 1 year work experience in a relevant position, or equivalent.

Preferred Qualifications – External:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Math, Finance, or Economics; Knowledge of TeamWorks Financial Management System software applications
  • Proficient in Excel using Pivot Tables and VLookup; Knowledge of Statistical Modeling
  • Knowledge of Georgia state government operations, including legislative, and budgetary processes; Knowledge of state and federal laws governing the operations and programs of state agencies in the assigned program areas
  • Skill in analyzing complex policy and budgetary issues; Ability to analyze data and information, draw conclusions, and make recommendations

Estimated Salary: $40,221 + benefits

Deadline: Rolling / Continuous

Apply Here:
State of Georgia


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