September Submission | X at EFNIKS

Fields: writing, lgbtq, racial justice, gender, publishing

Location: Remote, Freelance

About the Organization: EFNIKS is a space for queer & trans people of color that exists at the intersection of art, scholarship, and community. As our organization grows, we aim to elevate our voices, share our stories, talk about our issues, represent our culture, cultivate community, preserve our history, and celebrate our joy. We will do this on our website, through our social media channels, and in our outreach and networking events in cities and communities all across the country.

About the Position: THE COVER STORY

All content for the Cover Story should follow the scheduled theme. We accept content in two (2) main categories: Deep Dives, and Stories of Us (see below sections for detail). Each Cover Story has two (2) Deep Dives, and six (6) Stories of Us. The Deep Dives represent Scholarship, the Stories of Us represent Community–they are both equally valuable, and go hand-in-hand to inform each other.


1. Review our Submission Guidelines

2. Submit a pitch (brief summary) of your piece / project using the form at the bottom of this page

3. We review all pitches, accept 2 articles & 6 personal experiences (Cover Story), or 2 short-stories (Fiction)

4. You work through 2 or 3 drafts with our editors over the next 3-4 weeks

5. We publish your work on our pages and social media channels

6. You get paid.

Scholarship. Longer articles focusing on history, context, reporting, analysis, and related discussion into some chosen topic. Submissions should include 1) subject-related photo, 2) supporting links within the text (or footnote citations), 3) 1200-2000 word article. Minimum 80% third-person reporting, max 20% personal stories–please keep personal, first-person narratives within these pieces to a minimum. Deep Dives must meet editorial guidelines, gain editorial approval, and follow our 2-draft editing process.

Community Knowledge. Mid-range personal essays and first-person stories by QTPoC individuals on their own lived experiences and relationships to any topic. These submissions should include 1) essay-related photo, 2) 600-800 word personal essay. Minimum 80% first-person narrative and experience, maximum 20% context and analysis. Stories of Us must meet editorial guidelines, gain editorial approval, and follow our 2-draft editing process.

Special Requirements/Qualifications: September | X: Intersecting identities, language, geography, defining Latinidad, and the fragile unity of Latinx groups, all from Latinx LGBTQ+ voices (proposals due 7/27)

Estimated Salary: Deep Dives: $200 each.
Stories of Us: $75 each.

Deadline: July 27, 2018

Apply Here: http://efniks.com/submissions


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