Full Time

Clinical Case Manager at Downtown Emergency Service Center

Fields: mental health, homeless, social work, psychology, human services

Location: Seattle, Washington

About the Organization: DESC works to end the homelessness of vulnerable people, particularly those living with serious mental illnesses or substance use disorders. Through partnerships and an integrated array of comprehensive services, treatment and housing, we give people the opportunity to reach their highest potential. We are a national pioneer, innovator, and leader in the Housing First movement. Housing First is now the dominant service approach promoted in national policy. We innovate and challenge convention until we find what works, and then measure, evaluate and share what we’ve learned as widely as possible. ​

Support, Advocacy, Growth and Employment (SAGE) is DESC’s comprehensive outpatient mental health program. Long-term case management services are provided including help with obtaining and maintaining housing, improving clinical and social stability, and enriching their level of independence and self-sufficiency. SAGE services are licensed under the Washington State Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery and are provided under contract with King County Mental Health, Chemical Abuse & Dependency Services Division. Services are provided within a Recovery model.

About the Position: Are you passionate about serving those who are most in need? Are you committed to working for your fellow citizens? Are you a believer in working towards creative and innovation solutions to society’s most vexing problems? If so, a Clinical Case Manager role with our SAGE team may be for you. SAGE intake specialists, case managers, psychiatrists and nurses assist adults with severe and persistent mental illness in their journey towards recovery.

DESC is excited to announce a change to our hiring practice that better aligns with our values of equity and inclusion and will positively impact our staff retention and recruitment efforts. We will no longer be requiring a bachelor’s degree as a required minimum qualification for our entry level Case Managment Positions with SAGE. Please refer to the “Education and Experience Qualifications” section below for more details.

DESC invites you to apply today to attend our hiring fair! Qualified candidates will be screened over the phone, and if selected will be given the time and location of the hiring fair (August 9th, 2018/TBD, Main Offices Downtown). Once at the fair, candidates will have the opportunity to tour one of the SAGE locations, learn about what makes DESC unique, and participate in a Q&A with staff members during the interview process.

Special Requirements/Qualifications: EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS:
Relevant Bachelor’s degree in *social work, psychology, or related behavioral science*, OR
Bachelor’s degree in *any field* AND 1 year of paid work experience in social services, OR
*Relevant Associate’s degree* AND 1 year of relevant paid work experience, OR
*Any Associates degree* AND 1 year of *highly relevant* paid work experience, OR
A combination of 1 year of highly relevant paid work experience and formal training in clinical and case management skills to demonstrate an ability to successfully perform the job.

Qualified candidates will have:
Interest in and experience working with homeless, mentally ill, and/or chemically dependent individuals.
Interest in or experience working with consumers who are difficult to engage and maintain in traditional mental health programs.
Knowledge of Recovery focused, strengths based work in mental health; Knowledge of Harm Reduction strategies.
Ability to work effectively with clients displaying a wide range of unpleasant and/or bizarre behaviors.
Ability to communicate and work effectively with staff from various backgrounds.
Subscribe to the philosophy of cooperation and continuity across programs and of consideration and respect for consumers.
Washington State Driver’s License and insurable driving record.
Available to start within two weeks of the date of the hiring fair.
Be able to provide at least two references from a recent previous work experience, from someone who can talk about your work in a supervisory capacity.

Estimated Salary: $37,781 – $41,713. Benefits include: Over 6 weeks off in the first year of employment; Great Medical and Dental Benefits; Retirement Plan; Flexible Spending Account

Deadline: August 7, 2018 by 1 pm

Apply Here: Downtown Emergency Service Center


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