Part Time

Research Assistant at Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority

Fields: criminal justice, research, data analysis, qualitative data, social science

Location: Chicago, Illinois

About the Organization: The Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority is a state agency dedicated to improving the administration of criminal justice. The Authority brings together key leaders from the justice system and the public to identify critical issues facing the criminal justice system in Illinois, and to propose and evaluate policies, programs, and legislation that address those issues. The agency also works to ensure the criminal justice system in Illinois is efficient and effective.

About the Position: The Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority is seeking an independent contractor for a temporary and part-time Research Assistant role. The person in this position will conduct searches, gather/save information, and synthesize relevant literature on research topics; collect original data through research methods such as surveys, interviews, and focus groups; follow consent and other research procedures to ensure the protection of human subjects; transcribe qualitative data from audio recordings for the purposes of analysis; analyze quantitative and qualitative data; use SPSS statistical software, Microsoft Excel, NVivo, and other software necessary to conduct the analysis; summarize research findings and create data visualizations (i.e., charts, graphs, etc); prepare research publications for web publishing using Markdown syntax for styling text on the web; attend regular staff meetings and project meetings as needed; other duties as assigned.

This is a contract position, and is not eligible for state benefits.

Special Requirements/Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, psychology, political science, or similar social science field and at least 3 months experience in a social science research position (includes assistantships and internships). Knowledge, skill, and experience equivalent to graduate/PhD level standing; coursework in criminal justice, criminology, law, research methods, journalism, statistical analysis, program evaluation, public policy, or related areas; strong oral and written communication skills; knowledge of the criminal justice system; working knowledge of American Psychological Association (APA) citation and format style; technical report writing experience; experience using Microsoft Office; SPSS, R, NVivo software experience a plus; Human Subjects Protection Course Certification required.

Estimated Salary: $18.00 Hourly

Deadline: July 26, 2018

Apply Here: Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority


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