Full Time

Open Source Research Analyst (Arabic, Korean, Russian, or Farsi speaking) at Camstoll Group

Fields: criminal justice, law, international relations, security, finance

Location: Los Angeles California

Deadline: Rolling

Details and Requirements: The Camstoll Group is a tight-knit, fast growing sanctions and illicit finance research and advisory firm combating the world’s most complex national security and financial crime challenges. Utilizing proprietary open-source research methods, network analysis, and data analytics, we generate insights into today’s most complex policy, regulatory or competitive challenges. In particular, we are experts in assessing and analyzing markets impacted by regulatory risk, sanctioned actors, political upheaval, violent conflict, and corruption. Our clients are financial institutions, multinational corporations, and governments.

We are seeking full-time research analysts with professional reading proficiency in Arabic, Korean, Russian, or Farsi and 1-5 years of professional experience to conduct ground-breaking open source research on a variety of foreign affairs and national security issues in our Los Angeles office. The successful candidate will be intelligent, accomplished, and energetic as demonstrated by his or her academic and professional credentials. The analyst position requires creative and proactive critical thinking skills, an insatiable appetite for foreign affairs and international policy, experience finding and researching online and offline information resources, strong written and oral communication skills. Candidates must have professional reading proficiency in Arabic, Korean, Russian, or Farsi that will enable them to proficiently conduct open source research in that language. Individuals with additional experience in business intelligence research, conflict and illicit finance analysis, banking sector risk management and compliance, and other national security-related matters may wish to apply. This opportunity is an immediate opening and will be available on an ongoing basis until positions are filled.

Apply Here: https://www.camstoll.com/2018/01/?post_type=careers


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