95th Anniversary Bilezikian Internship at War Resisters League

Fields: human rights, conflict resolution, peacebuilding, social change, fundraising

Location: NYC New York

Deadline: July 20, 2018

Details and Requirements: WRL, one of the oldest and most dynamic antiwar and antimilitarist organizations, works on an array of antimilitarist projects including counter-recruitment work for queer/trans youth and girls, challenging domestic militarization and police power through our No SWAT Zone campaign, and international solidarity work with War Resisters International, all in a collective, supportive structure! War Resisters League is looking for an energetic, passionate intern to join our team, grow their grassroots organizing and fundraising skills, and be part of a national organization committed to revolutionary nonviolence. Qualifications: Applicants should have some experience or education in grassroots fundraising strategy, development, or event planning; Some experience working with CRM databases or willingness to learn; Knowledge of current social movement landscape is a plus though special knowledge of social movement history not required. Not required to be students. 20 hours a week in War Resisters League National Office in New York City for 13 weeks. Paid internship, can arrange school credit as well.

Apply Here:


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