Intern – Marketing and Media Relations at World Economic Forum, Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Fields: technology, economic development, marketing, communications, international development

Location: San Francisco California

Deadline: ASAP

Details and Requirements: The World Economic Forum Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (the “Center”) brings together policy leaders and strategists of international, national and sub-national bodies with technology pioneers, business leaders, academic experts from leading universities, and civil society representatives to study emerging technologies, address the resulting transformations and test protocols and policies that could harness and accelerate the benefits of these technologies whilst minimizing their potential disruptive impacts. This multi-stakeholder hub provides policy leaders with the unique opportunity to anticipate and shape the trajectory of emerging technologies. The Center in San Francisco has an opening for an Intern to join our Marketing and Media Relations team. This is a great opportunity to explore all manner of responsibilities related to this two functions as you begin to consider career paths in the field of marketing and communications. Requirements: Hold a University degree in communications and/or other related field (May/June 2018 or 2019 graduation); Interest in journalism, PR, Communications, Emerging Technology; Understanding of the tech media landscape; Good IT knowledge and interest in Social Media. You will join the Forum LLC 8 weeks over the summer of 2018 (flexible start and end dates) and ideally be available to continue your work 15-hours per week starting in September through December 7. You will work approximately 40 hours per week and receive a $3,000/month stipend.

Apply Here:


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