Spring Internships at Southern California Association of Governments

Fields: urban planning, sustainability, design, housing, policy

Location: Los Angeles, California

About the Organization: The agency develops long-range regional transportation plans including sustainable communities’ strategy and growth forecast components, regional transportation improvement programs, regional housing needs allocations and a portion of the South Coast Air Quality management plans. Mission: to foster innovative regional solutions that improve the lives of Southern Californians through inclusive collaboration, visionary planning, regional advocacy, information sharing, and promoting best practices.

About the Position: A paid internship at SCAG offers students practical work experience and provide them with an opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with experts/colleagues in their academic field of study. Under general supervision, to perform a variety of routine administrative and technical duties in support of a department or section and to research, write, and present reports and recommendations. The types of internships offered may include but are not limited to: Active Transportation and Special Projects, Air Quality and Conformity Program, Compliance and Performance Monitoring, Graphic Design, Goods Movement and Transportation Finance, Legislation, Media and Public Affairs, Research & Analysis and Sustainability. Internships will begin early April and will be limited to a maximum of 29 hours a week for the duration of the internship.

  • Active Transportation and Special Programs: Update the regional bikeway shapefile. Engage in outreach for the active transportation database, and provide support for community trainings on SCAG’s Disadvantaged Communities Planning (DAC) initiative to help develop plans, and provide administrative support for the Active Transportation Program.
  • Air Quality and Conformity Program: Provide administrative staff support to the monthly meetings of the Federal Clean Air Act required Transportation Conformity Working Group (TCWG). Track and compile federal, state, and regional air quality and conformity related regulations, policy guidance, programs, and studies. Maintain and update the Air Quality Planning Program web site and the Transportation Conformity web site. Compile and analyze transportation projects funded by the federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Program from the six County Transportation Commissions in the SCAG region, and upload the CMAQ project information into the federal CMAQ database. Experience with Microsoft Suite is desired.
  • Compliance and Performance Monitoring (Housing): Assist with day-to-day tasks including reviewing and logging environmental document notices, drafting comment letters, maintaining the Intergovernmental Review (IGR) database, generating IGR-related reports, and mapping projects with the IGR database. Assist with meeting tasks such as managing and updating contacts, printing agendas and materials, drafting meeting minutes, and providing other support as needed.
  • Goods Movement and Transportation Finance: Assist in the completion of long-term goods movement project to map, analyze, and provide information to our members on regional truck routes. Assist staff in creating a long-term framework for future analysis of truck routes, integrating the maps into the FreightWorks website and a future mobile application. Collect, format, and analyze data to provide information on goods that have the most impact on the regional transportation network. Provide support including outreach, coordination, logistics, and other general activities to ensure successful launch and maintenance of the SCAG FreightWorks Regional Goods Movement Advisory Committee.
  • Graphic Design: Create a variety of print and digital products for Connect SoCal outreach and workshops, assist with the organization of SCAG’s digital photo assets, and archive InDesign projects on SCAG’s shared server.
  • Legislation: Assist with preparation of the daily SCAG Morning Clips newsletter which is distributed to All Staff and state/federal legislative staff in the SCAG region. Update records in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for state-wide constitutional elected officials, state legislators, and members of congress from SCAG region and their staff persons. Assist with preparation of correspondence to elected officials and of monthly state and federal legislative reports to be included in the Regional Council Agenda.
  • Media and Public Affairs: Compile relevant news on transportation and housing for the daily SCAG Morning Clips newsletter. Create new stakeholder distribution lists for Connect SoCal. Develop content for various outreach channels to inform stakeholders and the public on Connect SoCal development and other SCAG programs. Write articles and compile news for internal staff to be posted on the intranet.
  • Research and Analysis: Provide technical support for the development of SoCal Connect and PIER including performing geoprocessing, mapping, and geospatial analyses and preparing 300+ maps and numerous data tables through GIS geospatial analysis. Assist in updating and maintaining SCAG’s regional geospatial database including land use, transportation, environmental/resource areas, etc. Assist in fulfillment of data/GIS requests from SCAG internal staff, SCAG member agencies, other public agencies, and the general public. Automate GIS workflow enhancement and GIS web application development. Assist in establishing innovative analytical methodology and facilitating policy discussion on complex planning issues using spatial and statistical applications.
  • Sustainability: Assist in editing and policy research for SCS Natural and Farm Lands Technical Report. Assist with policy research, data collection, data cleaning, data analysis, project development support, and outreach to support the Regional Greenprint.

Special Requirements/Qualifications: An undergraduate or graduate student who is currently enrolled in a university or community college taking classes toward a degree objective, or who has graduated within the previous 12 months. Knowledge of: Basic principles of government management and public administration; research and report preparation methods and procedures; modern office procedures, methods and computer software and hardware; public relations techniques; basic principles and procedures of record keeping; principles of mathematics and statistics; English usage, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation.

Estimated Salary: $13-15/hour

Deadline: March 14, 2019

Apply Here:
Southern California Association of Governments


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