Full Time

Program Coordinator at Taliesin Preservation

Fields: arts, youth, sustainability, education, agriculture

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

About the Organization: As stewards of the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center, our dual mission is to preserve the cultural, built, and natural environments that comprise the Taliesin property and to conduct educational and cultural programs that provide a greater understanding of his architecture and ideas. We are different from other historic sites because we are not satisfied with just being a museum. We want the estate to stay filled with life. There is an energy here that captures and engages people. And the staff, without exception, are creative people who care passionately about their work and are full of ideas. We are a small organization and, as such, we offer a lot of flexibility andopportunity for people to develop within their areas of interest–and we are invested in their success!

About the Position: Do you want to help kids dream about architecture on Mars? Would you like to support painters working Plein Air on a stunning estate? Gain the satisfaction of watching guests enjoy the unique experience of Farm Dinners? Do you want to contribute to Food Artisans learning about regionally reliant cuisine and the sustainable agricultural practices that support that concept? Would you like to stretch your creativity to help grow our programming? If so, please read on! Taliesin Preservation of Spring Green, WI is looking to hire a full-time Program Coordinator to work alongside our Director of Programs and Event Manager to support our events, and educational and public programming.

As Program Coordinator, you will be given the opportunity to wear many different hats, all with the specific goal to broaden public access to this unique historic setting and educational arts organization. You will help plan, organize, and implement program events on the Taliesin Estate. Within the scope of your work, you will meet a variety of fantastic people, from staff, students and dedicated volunteers; to audience members who become greatly inspired by visiting and experiencing Taliesin. During the season, you will participate in the many different Taliesin activities by assisting in the maintenance of the events calendar, keeping the project management platform up to date, coordinating program and event logistics alongside events and program staff, and taking part in the goal setting and assessment process. During the off-season, when public access slows, you will assist the leadership team in research to identify our programmatic goals and future growth opportunities. You also assist with the planning for the new season by sharing your creativity and passion.

Special Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Undergraduate degree in arts management, education or a related field (we are always willing to consider equivalent experience)
  • Experience or education related to developing and implementing program development timelines and budgets
  • Computer proficiency at an intermediate level including word processing, database management, spreadsheet creation and management, and report production
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills. Exceptional organizational, time management, and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to participate in the physical elements of an event set up

Estimated Salary: $14-17/hour, 32 hours/week

Deadline: March 20, 2019

Apply Here:
Taliesin Preservation


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