Communications Internship at Western Organization of Resource Councils

Fields: Communications, advocacy, agriculture, rural, sustainability

Location: Billings, Montana

About the Organization: WORC is a regional network of eight grassroots organizations in seven Western states. Our members are farmers, ranchers, Native leaders, small business and working people who seek to protect the environment, family farms, and rural communities.

About the Position: The Western Organization of Resource Councils (WORC) is seeking a communications intern to contribute to our work to hold the coal industry accountable, build food sovereignty, support family-farm agriculture, and to foster renewables and transitions from fossil-fuel dependent communities. The communications internship will provide an excellent opportunity to learn about digital organizing, media advocacy, filmmaking, and to be involved in federal, state and local public policy decisions within the context of a rural, community‑based organization. The communications intern will be working with a variety of storytelling mediums from social media campaigns and blogging, to ongoing narrative projects including helping to build the second season of our Homegrown Stories project, which tells the stories of WORC members who are organizing to fight back against the growing impacts of corporate control and increased industrialization of farms and our food system. We are interested in internships for the summer months in 2019, but have some flexibility.

Special Requirements/Qualifications: Strong writing, research, communications skills, a commitment to non-industrialized, regional agriculture systems; environmental protection; and grassroots organizing, as well as a familiarity with Windows computers and software are required. Candidates must possess excellent organizational skills and enjoy striving to achieve high standards in a hardworking, small office environment

Estimated Salary: $500 per week for up to 12 weeks

Deadline: ASAP

Apply Here:
Western Organization of Resource Councils


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