Full Time

Queens Bail Disruptor at The Bail Project / Bronx Freedom Fund

Fields: human rights, correctional system, poverty, racial justice, social work

Location: Queens, NYC

About the Organization: The Bail Project is a new non-profit organization designed to combat mass incarceration by disrupting the money bail system ‒ one person at a time. Over the next five years, The Bail Project will work with local partners to open dozens of sites in high-need jurisdictions and pay bail for tens of thousands of low-income people, reducing the human suffering caused by unaffordable cash bail and building on the work of grassroots groups and movements for decarceration and racial justice. The Bail Project grows out of The Bronx Freedom Fund, our site in New York City.

Our organization is comprised of a central support team and a network of Bail Disruptors who work in local jurisdictions to identify community members in pretrial detention, pay their bail, and provide support throughout the legal process. Our model leverages the fact that bail money is returned when people make their court appearances, allowing us to maintain a revolving bail fund and maximize our impact. In addition to posting bail, The Bail Project seeks to partner with local advocacy groups, collect stories and data from our sites and work with universities to measure the socio-economic impacts of unaffordable cash bail with the goal of informing legislative reform.

Our work will be widely published and made available to partner organizations that are focusing on advocacy, litigation, and legislation. By diligently cataloging our results and empowering our clients to take center stage in the fight against mass incarceration, disruptors will allow us to expose the abuse of our current wealth-based model and fulfill TBP’s two-fold mission of providing immediate harm reduction and pushing us towards a better system.

About the Position: Bail disruptors are community members across the country committed to racial and economic justice. They are the core of The Bail Project, securing people’s release, disrupting this draconian system, and fighting mass incarceration. This position is based in Queens and the right applicant will also be responsible for providing case management to our Spanish-speaking clients in the Bronx.

Bail disruptors are tasked first and foremost with posting bail for those who cannot afford to purchase their freedom. Disruptors pay bail from local courts and jails, meet with clients, remind them about upcoming court dates, and refer them to necessary services to support them after release. This position requires becoming licensed to post bail in New York State, which involves a fingerprint background check. In addition to securing our clients’ freedom, the disruptors will uphold our holistic model by working within the local community and collaborating with TBP central management in the fight against this abusive system. This will entail collecting client and court data, giving clients an advocacy platform, maintaining administrative records, and assisting with local partnerships to expose the problems of the pretrial system that make TBP so necessary.

Special Requirements/Qualifications: You are driven, highly organized, and have a deep commitment to The Bail Project’s mission to eliminate race and wealth-based disparities in our criminal justice system. Applicants must be willing to work independently as well as in collaborative teams. Applicants will need to work non-traditional hours. We especially welcome applications from individuals who have been impacted by the criminal legal system. A sense of humor, innovative spirit, and willingness to adapt to the change inherent in a rapidly scaling start-up are essential.

To excel in this role, you likely bring the following:

  • Strong investment in the Queens community and in the fight for racial and economic justice; Queens native or resident preferred
  • Demonstrated interest and experience in racial and social justice or criminal defense
  • A self-motivated, flexible, and hard-working approach
  • Proven leadership capabilities; Strong decision-making and communication skills
  • Emotional​ ​intelligence​ ​and​ ability to handle multiple projects; Excellent organizational abilities
  • Basic ability in Google Suite or willingness to learn
  • Spanish language skills required
  • Mandarin, Cantonese, and/or Bengali language skills preferred but not required

Estimated Salary: $45,000 – $48,000

Deadline: December 28, 2018

Apply Here: Interested applicants should submit a RESUME and COVER LETTER in a single PDF electronically to careers@bailproject.org by December 28, 2018 with “Bail Disruptor – Queens” in the subject line. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. No faxes or phone calls please. Applicants will be notified regarding whether or not they have been selected for an interview. APPLICATIONS WITHOUT COVER LETTERS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.


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