Full Time

Housing Assistant Program Specialists, Rental Services at Portland Housing Bureau

Fields: government, social services, housing, racial justice, policy

Location: Portland, Oregon

About the Organization: The mission of the Portland Housing Bureau is to solve the unmet housing needs of the people of Portland. The bureau accomplishes its mission by building and preserving quality, affordable rental and owner-occupied housing; supporting and sponsoring programs that help low-income Portlanders find, rent, buy, retain and repair their homes; bringing together partners and leading them to assess the city’s housing needs, choose sustainable solutions to efficiently meet them, and identify how best to pay for them; and reaching out to Communities of Color to ensure their participation in the economic opportunities that quality housing investments create.

The Housing Bureau, through its Rental Services Office is responsible for:

  1. landlord-tenant policy and planning, including staffing the Fair Housing Advocacy Committee and the Rental Services Commission;
  2. contracting for services and program development;
  3. administration of city code and rule, including mandatory relocation assistance exemptions, rental unit registration, and other local landlord-tenant law; and
  4. the provision of information and technical assistance to the public through a call line, email, and walk-in office hours.

About the Position: The City of Portland is seeking two (2) Housing Assistant Program Specialists, to join the Rental Services Office section of the Portland Housing Bureau as a Rental Services Specialist. These positions are primarily responsible for providing technical assistance to the public on local landlord-tenant law through a dedicated phone line, email, and walk-in office, and the administration of city code and rule. To accomplish this, an individual in this position should expect to work regularly with members of the public, city staff, industry representatives, and community leaders. The Rental Services Specialist will make recommendations on administrative policies, procedures, and rules. This position requires excellent communication skills, and the exercise of tact and diplomacy. Individuals applying for this position should have a strong understanding of Racial Equity and integrating Racial Equity into policy and programs.

Special Requirements/Qualifications: Applicants must specifically address and demonstrate in their responses to the supplemental questions and résumé how their education, training and/or experience, meets each of the following minimum qualifications:

  • Experience applying the principles, practices and methods of program, administrative and procedural analysis.
  • Experience applying the principles and practices of sound, effective business communication in both oral and written formats.
  • Experience using standard data management, and office software.
  • Experience collecting, evaluating and interpreting data, either in statistical or narrative form.
  • Knowledge and experience analyzing, interpreting, explaining and applying relevant laws, regulations, ordinances and policies.
  • Experience preparing clear, concise and comprehensive reports, correspondence and other documents appropriate to diverse audiences.

Estimated Salary: $29.72 – $39.38/hour

Deadline: October 12, 2018

Apply Here:
Portland Housing Bureau


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