Part Time

Digital Communications Associate at Ontario Justice Education Network

Fields: law, education, youth, social justice, civil rights

Location: Remote/Toronto area, Ontario, Canada

About the Organization: OJEN is a charitable not-for-profit, non-governmental organization with a province-wide mandate. We develop innovative educational tools that introduce young people to the justice system, help them understand the law, and build their legal capability. We work to help prepare young people to manage the legal aspects of problems that arise in their own lives. Our programs are delivered across Ontario by a staff of 13 and a pool of approximately 1200 justice sector volunteers, including judges, lawyers, police officers, and law students. Thousands of high school students and their teachers participate in OJEN programs each year. We also partner with community organizations, after-school groups, and summer programs to bring our workshops to hundreds of youth in under-served communities.

About the Position: The Digital Communications Associate will…

  • Maintain and regularly update content on OJEN’s WordPress website, including sliders, news items, Local Activity updates, and other items as needed, under the direction of staff;
  • Format and send OJEN’s e-Newsletters, using content from staff and existing CiviMail templates (OJEN electronic newsletters go out 2-4 times per month);
  • Write appropriate promotional copy for web (on sliders, email subject lines, etc);
  • Create simple promotional graphics that are consistent with OJEN’s branding and content;
  • Respond to staff inquiries and requests about website content and use;
  • Publish regular/scheduled posts on OJEN’s social media accounts
  • Support promotion of OJEN projects, events, fundraising campaigns, etc.; and produce occasional reports as needed.

Hours: 15-20 hours per week. Some work may be done remotely, but the successful candidate is expected to work at least one day (7.5 hours) per week at the OJEN office in Toronto. The hours and location of work are flexible, but we hope to find someone who can respond to staff inquiries within 24 hours and fulfill minor requests (eg. creating and putting up a website slider) within a few days. The Digital Communications Associate will also be responsible for producing regular content for Twitter (roughly one original post per day) and Facebook (weekly) about OJEN’s resources and upcoming events. This position involves working with both OJEN’s Communications Manager and OJEN’s Manager of Legal and Digital Development.

Special Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated facility with professional/organizational WordPress sites and experience with WordPress site maintenance is a requirement (some technical knowledge is an asset);
  • Experience with writing for web is a requirement, (experience with writing promotional or marketing copy is an asset); Experience with writing for social media is a requirement;
  • Experience creating small promotional graphics for websites or social media is a requirement, (facility with graphic design software like Adobe InDesign is an asset);
  • Strong communication skills with colleagues over email and in person is a requirement;
  • Familiarity with drafting electronic newsletters and/or professional email communications is a requirement;
  • Understanding of the community, education, and/or legal sectors is an asset;
  • Familiarity with CiviCRM or other CRMs is considered an asset;
  • Facility with French is considered an asset.

Estimated Salary: $25-30/hr, depending on experience

Deadline: October 1, 2018 5:00 PM

Apply Here:
Ontario Justice Education Network


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