Full Time

Data Analyst at Against Malaria Foundation

Fields: international development, health, data analysis, math, computer science

Location: Remote – UK/Europe/Africa time zones

About the Organization: Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) is a charity that fights malaria in a highly effective, transparent way, leading to successive top rankings at ratings organisations such as GiveWell, Giving What We Can and The Life You Can Save. This has resulted in annual donations of US $30 – 50 million and a large pipeline of long-lasting insecticide-treated bednet distributions.

We are a team of seven highly motivated individuals with different skills and experience. Each person has an important role to play. All team members work remotely with constant dialogue between them. While the team is small, the impact is big – our net distributions involve multiple millions of nets, with our largest to date being 12 million nets covering over 20 million people in Uganda.

About the Position: As a key part of AMF’s work we request and receive large data sets from in-country partners who help deliver our programes on the ground. This data covers matters such as net need, bednet use, malaria prevalence and the capacity and cost of these partners. AMF conducts extensive checks before and after distributing nets, and as this data grows we want to ensure we obtain maximum value from it.

AMF is therefore recruiting a Data Analyst who will have a strong interest in analysing and using data to inform immediate action and our longer term policy decisions. We are looking for someone with strong technical skills who is able to work collaboratively in a small team. The ideal candidate will have empathy and commitment to those communities at risk of the health and societal impacts of malaria and an interest in improving their lives.

The focus of the role will be:

  • A. Analysis of the data received by AMF and presentation of the results within AMF. The primary purpose of collecting this data is to maximise the effectiveness of our work reducing malaria. Objective analysis and clear presentation of this data are central to making sure management decisions are well informed.
  • B. Analysis of proposals, including budgets, from potential partners to carry out data collection work for AMF. These proposals need to meet specific requirements from AMF for work to be done in the field such as establishing net need in communities, monitoring of net distributions and collecting data on net use.


Location: Remote working (all the AMF team work remotely) within UK/Europe/Africa time zone. Management reporting: to the AMF Operations Manager. Travel: occasional trips to Africa may occur, but is not central to the role.

Special Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Must have very good analytical skills and a degree or higher in a Maths, Statistics, Computer Science or related (STEM) subject.
  • Must have very good Excel skills. Familiarity with R, Python, SPSS, MATLAB, Visual Basic or equivalent is desirable.
  • Knowledge of SQL, database normalisation and API consumption is desirable.
  • Must have fluent English. French is helpful but not necessary.
  • Experience with large data sets, data visualisation and the ability to present results clearly and concisely is highly desirable.

Estimated Salary: £30,000-40,000 depending on experience, plus pension

Deadline: September 30, 2018

Apply Here:
Against Malaria Foundation


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