Full Time

Community Organizer (1 year apprenticeship or permanent) at Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Fields: social change, outreach, sustainability, racial justice, social justice

Location: Various, Kentucky

About the Organization: KFTC is a grassroots organization of 12,000 members across Kentucky. We have 14 local chapters and at-large members in many counties. KFTC believes in the power of community organizing – people working together to achieve common goals. Organizing empowers us to help shape decisions affecting our lives and the larger community. It is a long-term approach that focuses on building and exercising power, especially among people affected by injustice, to improve the quality of life for all. KFTC members and staff use a range of important strategies to achieve our organizing goals, including leadership development, strategic communications, integrated voter engagement, non-violent direct action, chapter building, grassroots fundraising, and alliance building. Chapters are the building blocks of KFTC’s power, and the primary place where members join and get involved in improving their communities.

About the Position: We are hiring both permanent Community Organizers but also hiring fixed-term Community Organizing Apprentices. These Organizing Apprentice positions will be based out of KFTC offices in Southern Kentucky, Central Kentucky, Northern Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky, or Jefferson County. The positions will run for a maximum of 12-months that run from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.

The Apprentice positions are professional community organizing jobs. This KFTC Organizing Apprenticeship is a maximum 12-month job placement and an opportunity for you to learn community organizing skills as you are actively working in the field to build grassroots power. Apprenticeship positions offer structured skills training, support from a organizing coach, and other supplemental training opportunities. They are a great way to build your fundamental community organizing skills.

Your job will be to support KFTC members and staff in a wide range of outreach strategies, including door- knocking, tabling, presentations and workshops, one-to-one conversations, public meetings and cultural events, phone banking, and door-knocking and canvassing. You will help register, inform, and engage thousands of potential new KFTC members and voters in Kentucky, and provide opportunities for people learn about and take action on key issues and KFTC’s broader vision for social change. And you will also work with KFTC members and allies to hold elected leaders accountable and shape the public conversation about our vision for social change.

The Organizing Apprentice position recognizes that you are newer to community organizing. It does not expect you to have all of the skills listed in the permanent Community Organizer job description, but you should be actively working to build those skills and committed to growing in these areas. Apprentices will be expected to follow all of the basic job requirements and expectations of other KFTC community organizers. You will be expected to work independently at times, and also work effectively together with grassroots leaders and colleagues, and be held accountable to shared goals.

KFTC will use a coaching system to work with each Organizer Apprentice to meet their goals. Leadership and supervisory staff will provide consistent feedback and mentoring to each Organizer Apprentice. After six months each Apprentice’s performance will be evaluated. If an Apprentice wants to pursue the Apprentice organizing position and their performance is satisfactory, they will roll forward into the second six month phase.

Applicants are welcome to apply for both the permanent Community Organizing open positions and/or the Organizing Apprentice program. On your materials, please indicate if you would like to be considered for both.

Special Requirements/Qualifications: The Apprentice position is for candidates interested in community organizing but do not have demonstrated experience with these skills. Because you will need to be able to relate to Kentuckians from all walks of life and move them to action, you will presumably bring experience developing others as leaders, strong communication and listening skills and a commitment to the vision and values of KFTC. You will also be organized, strategic, able to cope with changing and uncertain circumstances, collaborative, and compassionate. You will have a commitment to shared leadership and work well in teams with both leaders and other staff colleagues. In addition, you should excel in three areas:

  1. Critical thinking skills: You will need to quickly analyze situations to see beyond the surface of challenges and effectively guide and support members in moving through those obstacles to make progress.
  2. Self-Direction and Commitment: You will be in situations where community leaders are looking to you for guidance and strategy. You must be able to know what steps are needed to make progress, meet commitments, and able to take those steps on your own. You must be highly organized, focused, and have a strong work ethic.
  3. Interpersonal ability and a strong lens on issues of equity: You must be able to build trust and goodwill with people in the community and demonstrate respect for the leaders you work with. You’re the kind of person who thrives on developing others. And because our members and communities come from a wide range of backgrounds, you can thoughtfully navigate issues related to diversity, equity, power, and inclusion and bring a deep commitment to advancing these values.

Estimated Salary: $33,751 + full family health, vision and dental insurance. Time-off includes 2 weeks of flexible vacation time and 2 weeks of vacation at the end of the term between December 15th – 31st. We also have a compensation time policy and a 1-month maternity/paternity/family leave policy.

For organizers that stay on permanently: full family health coverage, including vision and dental insurance. Annual time-off includes 3 weeks annual paid vacation, 10 paid holidays, 9 paid sick days, and 3 paid personal days. Compensation time policy and 1-month of paid maternity/paternity/family leave. All staff members are eligible for a month of paid sabbatical leave after 5 years. KFTC contributes to a pension plan after 3 years of employment.

Deadline: Until filled – January start date

Apply Here:
Kentuckians For The Commonwealth


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