Full Time

Customer Happiness Specialist at KOL Foods

Fields: agriculture, sustainability, food justice, Jewish, faith

Location: Silver Spring, Maryland

About the Organization: We are a Kosher Farmers Market on your Front Porch. We provide your family with quality certified kosher meat, poultry and fish you know and trust. In an age when it takes an investigative reporter to figure out where meat comes from, KOL Foods is committed to telling its honest story. We want folks to know and trust that each animal is raised the traditional, environmentally friendly way – in open fields. Healthy animals should eat what they were built to eat and live free on pasture. This balance with nature results in not only healthy and environmentally and ethically sound meat, but delicious flavor. We help balance modern & traditional values by producing glatt kosher meat that is environmentally and ethically sound.

About the Position: We are looking for a new person to join our team, someone who listens carefully to our customers’ needs and is eager to solve problems; who is comfortable talking to strangers and loves talking about food and cooking. We are a small, mission-led company, and our new colleague should be outgoing, detail-oriented and eager to help the company grow. This is an excellent opportunity for someone with an interest in the sustainable or kosher food fields to learn about company operations from the inside. This is a full-time position. Our customer service hours are 9am-5pm with occasional evening or Sunday duties during high seasons.

Special Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Strong interest in food – interest in the sustainable food movement preferred;
  • Excellent communications skills, kinder-than-necessary demeanor and impeccable phone etiquette;
  • Outside-the-box thinking to provide creative solutions – entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Outgoing, positive personality and a sense of humor;
  • Be comfortable with or eager to learn about various software applications;
  • Stay calm and kind under pressure.

Estimated Salary: $35,000 + performance-based commission and annual bonus. Health insurance, paid sick leave, Jewish holidays and vacation.

Deadline: Until filled – ASAP

Apply Here:
KOL Foods


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