Part Time

Certification Coordinator at Certified Naturally Grown

Fields: sustainability, agriculture, food justice, health, social enterprise

Location: Brooklyn, NYC

About the Organization: Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) offers certification to farmers and beekeepers who produce food for their local communities without the use of synthetic chemicals or GMOs, according to the highest ideals of the organic movement. CNG’s grassroots approach relies on peer-review inspections, direct relationships, and a high degree of transparency, all of which keep costs and paperwork to a minimum while fostering valuable knowledge exchange and networks among farmers. More than 800 farmers and beekeepers throughout North America participate. CNG producers typically sell at farmers markets, via CSAs, and through the more advanced independent grocers that seek to support their local food systems. CNG’s participatory approach to certification is recognized by IFOAM – Organics International as an effective way to include small-scale producers in the organic movement. CNG is a private non-profit organization that is not affiliated with the USDA Organic Program.

About the Position: We seek an enthusiastic and detail-oriented individual to support the administration of our programs and serve as an important liaison to the farmers and beekeepers who participate in our grassroots initiatives. This is an entry-level position with ample opportunities for development and growth. It will begin as a part time position (25 – 30 hours per week), but could expand to full-time based on the candidate’s interests and skills and the evolving projects of the organization. Work is to be done in our Brooklyn office, primarily during regular business hours, though there is flexibility with scheduling.

Special Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Excellent interpersonal and verbal communication skills
  • Self-starter and also a team player, responsive to feedback
  • Strong customer service skills and interest in helping farmers
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and work comfortably in an office environment
  • Ability to give consistent careful attention to details, and to be organized
  • College degree or equivalent experience
  • Familiarity and proficiency with office equipment and software

Desirable Skills and Qualities

  • Working knowledge of organic farming techniques and challenges
  • Ability to write in a manner that is compelling, grammatical, clear and concise
  • Demonstrated commitment to a grassroots initiative
  • Experience managing or working on a farm, keeping bees, or cultivating mushrooms
  • Experience with peer-review programs, in farming or other contexts
  • Inclination to suggest new and improved processes or approaches to our work

Candidates who are positive, driven, and creative problem solvers will find rewarding opportunities to grow into new responsibilities and to have a positive impact on the farmers who participate in our programs.

Estimated Salary: $15/hr or more

Deadline: Interviews begin late August. Start in September, or ASAP.

Apply Here:
Certified Naturally Grown


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