Media Relations Intern at Unbendable Media

Fields: communications, progressive, campaigns, media, politics

Location: DC, NYC

About the Organization: Unbendable Media is a cutting-edge progressive campaign consulting and strategic communications firm. We are a team of movement-focused practitioners dedicated to providing comprehensive, cutting-edge public relations and campaign strategy to nonprofit organizations and social enterprises that are working to build a better world.

Working with many of the nation’s leading progressive and non-profit organizations, we have helped raise awareness on a variety of issues ranging from gender equality and the #MeToo moment to nuclear nonproliferation and corporate accountability. Together, our team has more than 23 combined years of experience working with nonprofit and social justice-focused organizations. We understand the media landscape, its influencers and how to tell impactful stories in today’s news climate.

About the Position: Interns will learn the basic skills of high-level communications for progressive nonprofit organizations, social justice advocacy groups, and social-good focused enterprises. Responsibilities include:

Building and maintaining media lists;
Tracking and coding media mentions and press pushes;
Joining and taking notes on calls with leaders from the progressive movement;
Copy-editing and proofreading media-facing materials;

Review of submissions begins on August 24, 2018. Our 2018 Fall Internship program runs from September 17th through December 17th. The positions are based in New York City and Washington, DC. Hours are flexible, dress code is relaxed, and computers will be provided to staff for use during the internship.

Special Requirements/Qualifications: Ideal candidates are hard-working, self-starting, highly-motivated, have a passion for progressive political issues and causes, and excited by media and politics. Qualifications Include:
Demonstrated interest in news, political and current events;
Excellent computer skills, including Word, Excel, Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc;
Eagerness to develop research skills on search engines and databases like Meltwater, Cision, Google, Critical Mention, or Lexis Nexis.

Estimated Salary: $17.50 per hour

Deadline: August 24, 2018

Apply Here:
Unbendable Media


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