Full Time

Glassblowing Apprentice at GlassRoots

Fields: arts, youth, job training, education

Location: Newark, New Jersey

About the Organization: GlassRoots, located in Newark, NJ, with the mission to transform the lives of underserved youth through the process of making glass art. We are a small nonprofit and we function as a supportive team to accomplish our mission.

About the Position: GlassRoots is looking for a full-time apprentice to become a part of GlassRoots team working in a combined position including work as a studio technician, assistant glassblower, assistant glassblowing teacher and demonstrator. GlassRoots is willing to make a big investment in training for this individual, and for that reason, we will give preference to candidates willing to make a two year commitment.

Special Requirements/Qualifications:
• A love of working with kids and teens
• A hunger for developing glassmaking skills
• Flexibility to shift from one task to another in a very short period of time
• An ability to work during non-traditional hours
• A willingness to be creative about improvements we can make as a team and as an organization
• Focus and self-direction
• Interest in professional and artistic growth
• Inquisitive and willing to take direction

• Previous glassblowing experience preferred but not required
• Associate Degree or higher educational experience
• Willingness to learn equipment fabrication, including metal working, wood working, plumbing and understanding the operations and regular maintenance of the equipment.

Estimated Salary: This is a full-time salaried position with benefits. As an apprentice in training, the salary will be in the low 30’s.

Deadline: Not given

Apply Here:


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