Full Time

Residential Care Coordinator, Vida Home Program (for women who survived human trafficking) at FAIR Girls

Fields: social work, counseling, human trafficking, public health, mental health

Location: DC

About the Organization: FAIR Girls is a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit organization that administers specialized services that help at-risk youth ages 11-26 avoid and escape situations of intimate partner violence, sexual assault and human sex trafficking. FAIR Girls provides crisis intervention, court advocacy, and comprehensive case management services to domestic and foreign-born trafficked girls ages 11 to 26. FAIR Girls seeks to support an empowered network of survivors who share a desire to become leaders in their own lives and communities. Through practical life-skills workshops, each participant emerges prepared to lead an independent life, free from exploitation.

About the Position: The Residential Care Coordinator is responsible for the nightly operational success of the FAIR Girls Vida Home Program for young adult female survivors of human trafficking residing in the Vida Home (“Residents”). The Residential Care Coordinator will supervise, counsel, and mentor up to 6 young adult survivors staying in the home at any point in time. The Residential Care Coordinator will work evening and weekend hours (40 hrs./week; three 12-hour shifts and 4 hours of administrative duties). The Residential Care Coordinator will fulfill their responsibilities during evening hours, including shifts from 9PM to 9AM, and weekend hours, including shifts from 9AM to 9PM and 9PM to 9AM. Schedules are set each quarter. An average weekly schedule may include two overnight shifts during the week and one daytime or evening shift on the weekend.

Special Requirements/Qualifications:

• Bachelors or Masters degree in social work/public health/counseling/youth development or other related field; Masters students encouraged to apply!
• Experience in and passion for working with survivors of trauma, especially gender-based violence including but not limited to: sexual abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault and sex trafficking
• Experience facilitating engaging groups and workshops for young adult residents
• Strong work ethic, positive energy and attitude, empathetic outlook, excellent written and verbal communication, and flexibility
• Experience working overnight shifts as an EMT or residential counselor at domestic violence or homeless youth shelters preferred

Estimated Salary: $38,000 – 40,000

Deadline: July 31, 2018

Apply Here: idealist.org


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