Part Time

Transgender Women Study Coordinator, Stigma Working Group at Radical Accessible & Decolonizing Community Care

Fields: LGBTQ, public health, HIV, community mobilization, healthcare

Location: Seattle Washington

Deadline: July 6, 2018 priority

Details and Requirements: Transgender individuals experience a particularly challenging healthcare landscape, and because of those challenges are at increased vulnerabilities for the acquisition and transmission of HIV infection. Many of the factors that limit engagement and retention in the HIV care and prevention delivery system have to do with systemic (societal and economic) and discriminatory practices (actual and interpreted) that limit them from accessing and utilizing appropriate healthcare. It is further compounded by the availability of culturally sensitive providers. This Coordinator position is intended to further the work being done to engage and link Trans Women not only to CFAR CAB activities, but facilitate community discussions of Trans Women health delivery services activities by Trans Women.

Qualifications: Relevant field work or personal experience with the Trans community; Basic knowledge of local issues related to HIV community services and Trans Women healthcare needs; Comfort with Community Mobilization efforts and the use of Social Media; Working with and monitoring of project-based needs and budget management skills; Fluent in English and preferences for those who are Bilingual in Spanish or Tagalog.

Approximately 575 hours of work @ $15/Hour—to be disbursed appropriately. July 2018 – June 30, 2019.

Apply Here:


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