Research Assistant (20 hrs/wk, 6 mo) at Metro Ideas Project

Fields: urban planning, cities, statistics, social science, geography

Location: Chattanooga Tennessee

Deadline: NA

Details and Requirements: The Metro Ideas Project (MIP) is a national public-benefit research firm and think tank working for America’s cities. We help communities design solutions and policies that are practical, evidence-based, and informed by local data to more effectively address tough urban challenges. Our mission is to help cities across America tackle their toughest challenges by developing innovative solutions and smart policies rooted in research and data in order to realize a more effective, prosperous, and equitable urban future. This position will rely heavily on a basic familiarity, understanding, and experience of research methodology and design, including: formulating research questions, mixed methodology approaches, drafting literature reviews from existing research, and designing interview guides and surveys. Additionally, research assistants will participate in planning staff meetings and discussions, brainstorming sessions, and help plan public research events and workshops. Competitive candidates are current graduate students with an undergraduate degree in Public Policy, Economics, Sociology, or similar Social Sciences programs. Candidates should be capable of undertaking research assignments with little supervision. Experience with software such as SAS, STATA, SPSS or other statistical packages is required. Experience with qualitative data analysis software, such as ATLAS.ti, is preferred but not required. Bonus points if you have experience with GIS software (e.g. QGIS, ARCGIS, etc). Clips/samples from prior research projects will be required as a part of the interview process. This position is part-time and paid, with competitive hourly pay. Applicants must be willing to commit to at least 20 hours per week for the duration of the position. We are seeking to hire approximately two new assistants this quarter for six month appointments.

Apply Here: https://metro-ideas-project.breezy.hr/p/2fbbaa690532-research-assistant


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