Full Time

Economics Research Analyst at Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy

Fields: global health, economics, statistics, computer science, data analysis

Location: DC

Deadline: NA

Details and Requirements: The primary purpose of this entry-level position is to provide research support for two Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation projects: 1) estimating the per capita cost of delivering various health interventions related to tuberculosis, reproductive and child health, family planning, and immunization, and 2) estimating the economic and health value of introducing new vaccines. The work will involve data collection, analysis, and economic modeling. We seek applicants with backgrounds in economics, epidemiology, public policy, statistics, computer science or a closely related field to work as part of our research teams, with a strong preference for candidates with exposure to economics. Candidates must have BA/BS or MA/MS/MPH. We especially seek individuals with knowledge of economics, good analytical reasoning, and technical writing skills. Experience with statistical programming using R/STATA is essential, programming experience in other languages including C/C++, SQL, or python is a plus. $45,000-$50,000

Apply Here: https://www.cddep.org/about/working_cddep/research-analyst-economics-washington-dc/


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