Full Time

Community Support Associate at Idealist.org

Fields: social enterprise, technology, business, ,

Location: NYC New York

Deadline: June 15, 2018

Details and Requirements: We’re hiring a Community Support Associate who will support the organizations and individuals that use Idealist.org by providing customer and technical support while managing online content posted by our site’s users. This position calls for empathy, an understanding of how people use (and how they have trouble using) websites, and a commitment to providing a great experience to users whenever they are in contact with us. Our ideal candidate will have the following qualifications: Experience supporting clients or customers in a patient, friendly, and effective manner; Great written and oral communication skills, with an ability to provide clear and confident instructions about complex processes and systems. Your application will be even stronger if you: Have experience in, and an understanding of, the nonprofit sector. Note: While strong technical expertise is a plus, this is not an IT, hardware support, or engineering position. Salary: $45,000 a year

Apply Here: https://idealist.applytojob.com/apply/Pv36kZYroz/Community-Support-Associate


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