Civic Data Research Fellow at Center for Technology and Civic Life

Fields: political science, civic engagement, technology, research, politics

Location: DC

Deadline: ASAP

Details and Requirements: “What’s on my ballot?” is the number one question that voters look for online – but the answer to that question is harder to find than you might think. With nearly 8,000 offices responsible for running elections in America, the basic information that voters need to participate in elections is often poorly formatted and hard to find – if it’s online at all. At the Center for Technology and Civic Life, we think all voters should be able to find this information online, and we need your help! In 2016, our ballot data reached between one-third and one-half of all voters in the country, and we expect 2018 to be even bigger.

We’re looking for a set of 2018 Civic Data Fellows to help us standardize the nation’s ballot information, so that all Americans can find information about what will be on their ballot in November. Civic Data Fellows will work to collect and standardize information about candidates and referenda from across the country. If you love democracy, researching obscure facts, and turning chaos into order, this is the job for you! In addition, while no candidate will possess every quality, the successful candidate will possess many of the following qualifications and personal attributes: Ability to organize non-centralized, non-standard information into a coherent format; Basic knowledge of American politics, elections, and/or election administration; Demonstrated research experience; Excellent communication skills, particularly by telephone; Experience with political data and/or Excel; Passion for learning; Thrives in an intensive and outcome-driven work culture; Tech-savvy and eagerness to learn to use new tools and technology. Fellowship is until November 2018. Salary is $48,000 annual, pro-rated.

Apply Here: https://www.techandciviclife.org/news/2018/5/25/job-civic-data-research-fellow


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