Full Time

Research Assistant at Keybridge Research

Fields: economics, policy, statistics, data analysis, international development

Location: DC

Deadline: Desired start date Summer 2018

Details and Requirements: Opportunity to work closely with experts in economics and public policy and to develop the fundamental skills needed to succeed in these fields. The ideal candidate will possess the following qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in economics, public policy, or related field; Strong interest in economics and the application of economic tools to public policy issues; Strong interest in writing and an ability to draft analyses with little supervision; Proven quantitative skills, including statistical and econometric analysis; Familiarity with statistical software (Stata and R Studio), geospatial analysis software (ArcGIS), and data visualization software packages (Tableau); Current areas of interest to our clients include: macroeconomics and global economic risks, energy policy, environmental policy, regulatory policy, international finance, public health, hazard mitigation, and emergency management.

Apply Here: http://keybridgedc.com/about-us/careers/