Youth Arts Coordinator at Sacramento Fine Arts Center

Fields: arts, education, youth, children, social services

Location: Sacramento, California

About the Organization: The Sacramento Fine Arts Center (SFAC) is a California nonprofit corporation. Established April 1986 jointly by independent art clubs, Sacramento Fine Arts Center is dedicated to the creation and presentation of the visual arts.

About the Position: The Youth Arts Coordinator is charged with determining ways and means to enhance SFAC’s current youth programs, specifically, its Art for Families and Summer Children’s Art programs. The Coordinator will identify potential new opportunities to serve Sacramento County’s vulnerable children and youth through visual arts, seeking to achieve an increase in the diversity and number of young people having access to enriching art experiences. Appointment period: January 15, 2019 – August 31, 2019

Special Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Experience in project management; Ability to plan and execute programs; provide support to teachers as needed; Ability to track and coordinated needed supplies and support to children’s art progams.
  • Knowledge of Sacramento region
  • Ability to interact with varied and diverse groups of people
  • Creativity in identifying and building on opportunities
  • Excellent speaking and written communication skills; knowledge of PR and outreach strategies
  • Ability to put up and take down 6-foot tables; to put out, then stack and put away chairs; to hang, carry and remove pieces or art on walls and on art pedestals, including ceramic pieces up to 25 pounds;
  • Degree in art-related field, or certification as art teacher preferred.

Estimated Salary: $15/hour

Deadline: January 11, 2019

Apply Here:
Sacramento Fine Arts Center


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