Full Time

Housing Case Manager; and Front Door Specialist at Flagstaff Shelter Services

Fields: social work, homeless, housing, social services, mental health

Location: Flagstaff, Arizona

About the Organization: The mission of FSS is to provide individuals experiencing homelessness with crisis stabilization and tools they need to achieve housing stability; regardless of faith, mental health, or sobriety. FSS provides these critical services to those most likely to die on the streets tonight, assist individuals in finding permanent housing, and also to ensure that each person has access to the supportive services necessary to achieve housing permanence.

The vision of FSS is to provide “shelter tonight and housing tomorrow.” This concept reflects the idea that FSS can be an emergency crisis response for the most vulnerable men and women in Northern Arizona and then, through the provision of resource referral and housing focused case management, stabilize individuals experiencing homelessness with safe and affordable housing that they have the tools to maintain.

Housing Case Manager

About the Position:

  • Conduct Housing Barrier Assessment and Intake with clients once referred from coordinated assessment or walk ins. Input and maintain client information in Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) and ensures reporting requirement are accurate
  • Meets regularly with clients to implement housing plan, stabilize clients own home and then develop life plan goals. Encourage progress towards these goals by developing budget, employability, family supports and counseling, and other community resource referral as quickly as possible.
  • Maintains relationships with landlords and community resources to connect clients with housing opportunity. [see link for more]

Special Requirements/Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree is preferred. Relevant experience working with people experiencing homelessness is mandatory. Masters in Social Work or related field a plus.

Front Door Specialist

About the Position: This position is responsible for conducting intake, assessment and referral for individuals and families experiencing homelessness. Direct Supervisor is Program Director.

Special Requirements/Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree required with two years of related experience.

Estimated Salary: $32,000-$40,000

Deadline: Not given

Apply Here:
Flagstaff Shelter Services


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