Full Time

Paralegal – Income, Work, and Health at Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati

Fields: law, disabilities, policy, healthcare, paralegal

Location: Cincinnati Ohio

Deadline: ASAP

Details and Requirements: The Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati seeks a paralegal to work in our Income, Work, and Health practice group. Under the supervision of an attorney, the paralegal will carry his/her own caseload, and represent clients in administrative cases involving the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, the Ohio Department of Medicaid, Social Security Administration, and other governmental agencies. This position requires someone who knows, or can learn, administrative law, and regulations for Medicaid, Food Stamps, OWF, Social Security, and other public benefit programs. The successful applicant will also be required to complete certification as a Community Work Incentive Coordinator (CWIC). The CWIC provides Work Incentive benefits analysis, planning, and assistance to individuals receiving Social Security disability benefits (SSI & SSDI) who are working or seeking employment. The CWIC works one-on-one with the beneficiary to help them understand how their employment goals are impacted by SSA and other benefit program rules. The minimum education requirement is a Bachelor’s degree. Preference will be given for prior experience with learning and applying laws or regulations and/or experience as an advocate for people with disabilities. In addition, the successful candidate will have: Excellent oral and written communication skills; The ability to understand federal and state regulations and apply them, orally and in writing, to client cases.

Apply Here: https://www.lascinti.org/wp-content/uploads/Paralegal-May-2018.pdf


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