Call for artists for public art, protesting high-rent crisis at Make Room USA

Fields: arts, housing, economic justice, politics,

Location: DC

Deadline: June 15, 2018

Details and Requirements: America is in the midst of a high-rent crisis. Currently, 11 million families spend 30% or 40% or more on their rent. This is a call for artists, for a nonprofit-sponsored public art commission in the nation’s capital, Washington, DC, this September. Artists can make a direct, public, personal statement about America’s high-rent crisis, receive a $1,000 honorarium and be part of a public art commission designed to directly confront the (Republican) regime in DC. Do you know any artists? Think for a minute. Really think. Who do you know? Early-career? Mid-career? Emerging? Well-established? Someone you can reach out to and say, “Hey, could this be for you?” Or, “Hey, can you please just forward this to anyone you know?” The deadline for applications for this public art commission created by the nonprofit Make Room USA, has been extended to June 15. Please forward. Please share. Thank you.

Apply Here: http://www.clydefitchreport.com/2018/04/make-room-public-art-washington-dc/


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