Part Time

Urban School Programs Educator at IslandWood

Fields: ecology, education, childhood, youth, environment

Location: Seattle Washington

Deadline: NA

Details and Requirements: Urban School Program Educators teach set curricula to 3rd-8th grade students both in a classroom setting and in the field regarding stormwater, wastewater, engineering, and how humans interact with the ecosystems they are a part of. Urban School Program Educators are often engaged in partner teaching, collaborating, and problem solving to ensure that school groups receive a high-quality program that attends to their learning needs. Educators actively participate in program debriefs and assessment. This position is intentionally designed to offer space to grow as an educator through debriefing, scheduled professional development, staff observations, and feedback from a community of educators.

Qualifications: Experience teaching elementary and/or middle school youth; Demonstrated ability to adapt teaching to accommodate different audiences, ages, and learning styles ; Experience successfully engaging youth across cultural and racial boundaries; Awareness of personal bias and privilege and how it impacts teaching practice; Desire to learn and teach about how urban environmental systems and communities intersect. Educator work schedules vary and can be adapted to fit a changing schedule. This is a part-time position (6-18 hours/week depending on availability). Salary: $16.00 – $17.00/hour

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