Grassroots Organizer Intern (part-time, one year) at American Friends Service Committee

Fields: civil rights, immigrants, youth, housing, racial justice

Location: Concord New Hampshire

Deadline: June 1, 2018

Details and Requirements: Supports the NH Program’s ability to engage young adults, including immigrants and people of color, in education (Know your Rights, undoing racism and classism, leadership development), community outreach and advocacy in the Concord community; to strengthen participation of Concord residents who experience economic and social exclusion to promote community learning and action for greater equity and inclusion. Required: Experience as part of a community-based organization or initiative; Knowledge of Concord’s different constituencies and key stakeholders; Experience building community relationships, networks and/or coalitions, and working with diverse religious, socioeconomic, racial and ethnic communities; Ability to work cooperatively with a diverse range of community partners; Good listening skills; Good interpersonal skills; Willingness and ability to work some evenings and weekends. Must possess a valid driver’s license; Commitment to Quaker values such as non-violence and the belief in the intrinsic worth of every individual; Demonstrated ability to work and communicate with diverse staff. $20/hour (no benefits), 20 hours/week for one full year.

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